Flanges & Fitting


All configurations in a variety of carbon, stainless, and alloy steels. Thickness ranging from MSS and ANSI standards to AWWA Plate flanges.
Machining is available for any modification or facing requirement including tapping and boring. Normalizing is also available on request.


Malleable Iron - 150# and 300# Black and Galvanized.
Forged Steel - Pressure ratings from 2000# through 6000# PSI. Threaded and Socket Weld. Carbon and Stainless Steel.
Butt Weld - Wall thickness from lightweight to double extra heavy.  Carbon and Stainless Steel.
Grooved Fittings - Full line Victaulic authorized distributor.
Stainless Steel - 150# Threaded, 3000# Threaded and Socket Weld.  Butt Weld sch. 5S through sch. 160S.
Aluminum, Copper, and Special Alloys are also available.

Forged High Pressure Pipe

Fittings Thd & SW
2000 - 3000 - 6000 - 9000 lbs

90° Elbow - Tee- 45° Elbow - Cross - Union -  Coupling
Half Coupling - Reducing Coupling - Cap - Hex Head Bushing - Hex Head Plug - SQ Head Plug

Round Head Plug - Boss - Outlet - Insert - Hex Nipple - Swage Nipple